Miami Bound

1 Oct

So here we are on our next flight to Miami. Clif was awesome and have us a lift to the airport and it was good to catch up on the great feedback they are receiving about the show.

Once at Newark the checkin was month and flight on time, all good news. I have never been to Miami and am really excited about it. Not least of all because I have little body fat and the heat will be a welcome change to wrapping up when everyone else is in a t-shirt.

So Miami, what will it be like, what do I know? Miami Vice, cream suits, perms and bad tans, Birdcage – Robin Williams in a classic, CSI Miami and my current favourite – Dexter. Hhhhmmm, not sure it’s a good impression to start off with. I imagine wild parties and full beaches. Sharks in the water ( count me out). Big boxing matches, a good friend of mine, Clinton Woods once fought there, a whole glitz and glamour extravaganza.

We are going to promote the Drug Free Athletes Coalition World Championships in November. In its inaugural year this event is going to mark a point in history for World Natural Bodybuilding. A team of 29 is travelling from the UK, a team from Germany, the Lebanon, Cayman Islands to name but a few and of course its home turf for the USA. The venue looks awesome and the hotel is attached so no need to travel far.

Trains and buses can take us to the beach and we are planning some trips and discounts with the help of Ava Diamond to make it extra special.


This trip is designed to pave the way for the competitors and ensure the smooth running of the show. We will compile an information guide so everyone knows what’s hot and what’s not, where to go and what you can find. Fact finding is my forte, nosey by nature ( I like to call it inquisitive) I’m out to find out what I can for everyone else.

Vicky and Guy have already started this process as has Ava and between us all we aim to create the best World Championship we can for your competition and enjoyment.

As I find things out I’ll keep you up to date, if there is anything you want to know tell me on here, or Facebook or twitter @billybicep

Back soon.



3 Responses to “Miami Bound”

  1. Nell October 2, 2012 at 2:08 am #

    See you in November!! I will be driving from Orlando on Friday morning. my plan is to be there by noon…3 hour drive!! can’t wait!


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    […] The BNBF Team getting ready for the DFAC World Finals in Miami. Rachel Hayes, who just won a comp a few weekends ago, is writing a great blog on her journey to Miami here […]

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