A Sport for All – natural bodybuilding 

31 Mar

This is a recent post from the DFAC Facebook page. The th no I have always loved about bodybuilding is that it is a sport for all. All you need are some weights and grit and determination and you are started on the road to success. The dilemma comes when you want to enter a competition, the cost can be astronomical. Both the BNBF and the DFAC are attempting to do right by the athletes. Please read on……

DFAC (from Facebook)

Sport for all not the privileged!!

Once again I see that money is a relevant requirement to staying involved as a pro in our sport. Certain organizations require that to maintain Pro eligibility you must keep dues current at all times.

What if someone is having a year out due to finances being tight yet to maintain the right to pro status they need to pay the fees anyway, how wrong is that?.

If you are not competing you shouldn’t be forced to pay a membership. I might be wrong but I cant think of ANY business that you pay for if you are not using.

In bodybuilding you can actually lose your right to be considered a Pro in some organisations possibly because you cant afford it!

The DFAC will only charge membership for the year you compete and will never charge athletes just to maintain Pro status.

In addition the DFAC don’t charge promoters sanction fees. We don’t believe in charging promoters to help build our brand of natural bodybuilding. We believe in working as a team with promoters to get structure and to develop this sport from grass roots.

Without athletes there is no organisation!!!

Paying for a service you are not using is ludicrous unless you are the one collecting the money.


Are all drug tested organisations WADA Compliant?

30 Mar

This article is copied with permission of the DFAC, author Davy Jay. 

WADA Compliant!, Real WADA Testing! 

I see the above statements from a number of organisations, but do these organisations really follow WADA Guidelines?

Firstly, the T/E Ratio (Testosterone/Epitestosterone Ratio) – if a T/E Raio exceeds 4/1 ( Not 6/1 ) it will be considered atypical and an IRMS test should be performed to determine whether the testosterone is of exogenous or endogenous origin. Can your organisation of choice offer that option?

There are many laboratories that can offer steroid, pro-hormone and stimulant detection. But only WADA approved labs can offer detection of SARMs, SERMs, Peptide Hormones including Growth Hormone Releasing peptides, etc. So, does your organisation of choice use a fully WADA Compliant Lab?

Section S3 of the WADA Prohibited List states that “All selective and non-selective beta-2agonists, including all optical isomers are prohibited “. However, some organisations seem quite happy to allow the use of some beta-2agonists and are, also, willing to overlook the use of some stimulants.

The BNBF/DFAC are committed to giving competitors a level playing field. We use WADA Guidelines and our testing is carried out at a fully compliant WADA Laboratory.

Hopefully other organisations can offer you the same standard of service.

DFAC First show 2017 – tick

26 Mar

I loved it!!! The DFAC Buffalo Showdown was a great start to our show season. The competitors we on their A game, the crowd were second to none and the organisation on point. 

The show gave us 3 new DFAC Pros all hopefully heading to the DFAC Worlds to show the World what they have. A number of great shelters from all classes qualified from Mitchell Bruckman in the juniors – great stage presence and a great base from which to build into his open career.  Catherine Lombardo got the Women’s bodybuilding pro card, what was lovely was the balance between her muscle size and her femininity – she lost none of her female allure and her graceful posing routine showed her physique off magnificently. Matt Bulgrin took the overall and the men’s open pro card. Compact and full, he had great condition and confidence and beat the rest in the day.

Have I mentioned the audience. From pre-judging to the overall they were roarsome!! Their support for all the athletes was full and loud – they made a great competition extra special. I would like to thank them for making my role as MCee so much easier and making the athletes feel special. 

Eugene and Joe are holding another show in the Fall and from the great start it promises to be amazing – the date will be set soon and you should all check this one out. I have found the people of Buffalo to be some of he friendliest and most welcoming in the World, put a date in your diary and have a memorable experience of competing in this friendly city. Qualify for the DFAC Miami World Finals and take your competition experience to the next level. 

Evening extravaganza Buffalo Showdown 2017 DFAC

25 Mar

The pre-judging done, the athletes have worked hard and showed their work and determination to the audience. The audience were magnificent, the noise was tremendous.

Some great physiques on stage which bodes well for the Miami Worlds. The USA are going to need some great physiques to take the World Cup. We are going to have a proper battle, it is still to be seen who will succeed. 

The 2017 Buffalo Showdown

25 Mar

The stage is set, the athletes are arriving and we are good to go. The first show of the DFAC season is about the get underway and soon we will have our first qualifiers for the Miami DFAC World Finals. 

Can’t wait to start the season again. Every year it doesn’t seem real until the lights go on and the music starts. You can smell the tan and sense the tension. 

It’s a great honour to get to judge and to MCee these events. As an Athlete myself I know the responsibility of these roles. The pressure on the judges to get the decision is immense and each and every one takes this job to heart. 

The weather unfortunately does not have the motivation we do today. A little grey and rainy we are about to warm it up and make the sunshine in this venue.

Good luck to everyone involved today, let’s go do this thing. 

2017 DFAC begins

24 Mar

Well here we are again, on a flight, on my third film contemplating life and how lucky I have been over the years. 

Some many moons ago I met a young lady, one Vicky McCann, she was a wee powerhouse of a thing, driven and exuding energy. In the year 2000 she took the plunge into her convictions and set up the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation. She had a dream and still does, she has the ability to make her dreams reality for others to touch, experience and hold. This is an ability and a skill that not many have and she has it in abundance. She asked me and my then boyfriend Jon to open the first ever show in Edinburgh an honour and experience we will never forget. To be a part of an epic adventure is exhilarating, scary and inspiring.  With the BNBF and now the DFAC I have been all over the world, woken up in places I never dreamed I would be. I have had an opportunity to achieve personal success and to contribute to providing the same opportunity for others.

Sport is an outlet and a challenge for those who want to achieve and to pit themselves against others in the search for the best they can be and to see how this compares to others. The dream is to revitalise the sport of natural bodybuilding, the BNBF and the DFAC aspire to this end through the provision of  a stage of  such a standard that reflects the efforts and achievements of the athletes who take part. A drug testing regime that gives confidence and belief in the level playing field of competition. More importantly a true belief in the sport supported by athletes peers and contributors that reflects the longevity and future of natural bodybuilding. 

2017 sees the 6th year of the DFAC and the 6th World Finals in Miami, Florida, USA. In November the best of the best will congregate in Downtown Miami to find the ones, the DFAC World Champions. Not only will individuals be crowned but in the spirit of team, the World Champion team will be crowned and awarded the trophy. This is currently in the UK as Team GB took on and conquered the USA. The rest of the world has some catching up to do but we will not rest easy as we know they are coming. Who will be the champs this year? Can the USA make a comeback? Can GB retain or will the rest of the World take us all by surprise? You have got to be in it, to win it so let’s see you qualify and represent in Miami.

The first qualifier this year is in Buffalo, USA. The first World’s qualifiers will be known and the competition will have commenced. Roll on Saturday, excited and nervous at the same time. The promoters have given their all to this competition and aim to  make it the best experience it can be for the athletes, Eugene and Joe believe in the sport and each and every competitor. Supporting their winners to Miami they will be a formidable force.

More to follow as we set up the venue and prepare for the athletes to take the stage.

Roll on DFAC.

Smoke and Lights

27 Oct

Well we are here and ready to get going with checking in athletes and preparing the stage and the after party. The backstage crew of the DFAC are second to none. 

Smoke and lights are provided by a bunch of very willing volunteers whose sole aim is to make the bodybuilding experience the best it can be for both the athletes and the audience. Come along and see a DFAC show – particularly the DFAC World Finals in Miami or the DFAC Bodypower India in January 2017 and you will see stage production like no other In the bodybuilding world.

Go backstage to the world of tan, pump up and nerves and you will meet the glazers, organisers and security who do it all for free. Front of house too are not in it for gain but for the combined greatness of the event.

So behind the smoke and lights are many people contributing to the experience of others. We offer them a big big thank you and respect prior to the event. And to the team who could not make it we miss you – next year. 

Three days to go

26 Oct

It’s Wednesday and this time on Saturday (bearing in mind the time difference) we will be just about to start the pre-judging for the 2016 DFAC World Finals. 

Delayed again on flight one last year we missed flight 2 lets

Hope it’s not the same scenario today doh!!! But all good packed for Jon so it’s good whatever happens. 

Excited to see what Team GB brings this year. Can we take the World Cup back to Blighty? Only time will tell. 

See all of you at check in.

Getting around in Miami

3 Oct

Ok, so you arrive at the airport and have two main options, the rail link (I will check the price later) it’s not hard and cheaper than the taxi at $25-30.  

When in town you have four main choices. Here’s a quick overview.
Trolley Bus 

Bus – small fee

MetroMover – free

Cab (including Uber)

Trolley Bus

The Trolley buses follow a loop route from downtown up to midtown or the other way towards coral gables. These are great to hop on and off to travel round and are FREE. Yes you got it free, and air conditioned. The trolley buses go near the Publix supermarket either at Brickell or up on 17th so if you want to try somewhere a bit cheaper that the whole foods near the hotel this may be the way to go. They also stop outside Bayside where you can shop, eat and look at the expensive yachts in the marina. 


The buses stop all over town and cost approx 2.50 per trip (check when you get on). They can take you across to South Beach, up to midtown or even further up to Aventura Mall and the Cheesecake Factory 😜😳. The terminal at the omnibus centre is the place to change for any destination. Look out for the destination on the front and it’s as easy as 1,2,3.


Remember the Arnie film with the Johnny Cab well it was based on the Miami MetroMover for sure. This is a monorail that travels around three loop routes in downtown and mid Miami. They are raised above ground level and air conditioned. As with the Trolley Bus they are Free. A very short walk from the hotel the MetroMover can be used to get to the Publix in Brickell or the Iron addicts gym up on 17th (and the second Publix).


Cabs are pretty much cabs. It’s about $20 to the beach and $30 ish from the airport. If you have the Uber app it’s considerably cheaper but I have no idea how to use it (if you know how let me in on it).

Miami here we come….

30 Sep

Well it’s the 29th September, one month to the DFAC World Finals in Miami. Here I am sat on a plane on my way to the sunshine state to help with the pre event organisation and promotion. To make sure that the World Finals live up to all your expectations we spend at least a week out here walking for miles visiting sponsors, promoters and suppliers. We check the venue, arrange the supplies we need to create the spectacular you see and spread the news of the event to the locals. 

With the athletes in mind, we check every detail and re check to ensure that the stage is set up just right, that the hotel works for everyone and the after show party is one to remember. Now a bit of a foundation of the experience we arrange the rooftop pool party on Ocean Drive, South Beach.

Watch the blog for up to date information about Miami, what’s hot and what’s not.

DFAC no stone unturned.